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Below is a snippet of the tumultuous energy that drives what we know as “Closet Enterprises.”  The caption written below is by Rolling Stone hard rock journalist Mic Wall.  The entire editorial can be read on the upcoming October issue of Rolling Stone when Closet Enterprises will grace the cover of the epic magazine. 

Salo shakes his head at his drunken rant.  This puts Cody uptight.  He drains his bottle of Jim Beam and gets up to break the bottle.  They can see the Harris County Sheriff’s beginning to cruise down the street. Again.  Salo tells him not to smash the bottle-----

CODY: “I got to, man!”

ZANE: “Oh, come on now, Cody!  Please don’t!”

FRED: “Don’t man, I have to live here.”

CODY: “I got to!”

MIKE: “Only do it up and across the street.”

CODY: “I want to do this.”

MIKE: “No, no-you don’t live here anymore.”

CODY: “Just against this f****** wall here.  I just want to break it.”

             The cops slow down in front of the office.  Fred turns pale. 

 CODY: “Just this little wall.  Hello, wall.”

 Cody smashed the bottle down.  Shards of glass scatter everywhere.  Cody seems immensely relieved.  If the cops heard anything, they ignore it and drive on.